by user Jaxhawk

Iraq Witdrawal would Embolden Putins Russia

[1] [2] [3] There are many reason why we should not follow the destructive lead of the Democrats and Rinos who are advocating a withdrawal from Iraq. There is the vacuum our troops removal would create that would immediately be filled with those he@@ bent on genocide within Iraq with the Iraqis who cooperated with the U.S. as targets. There is the threat that either Syria and or both Syria and Iran will move on the undefended Iraq. But even more ominous is the withdrawal will signal the world that once again America is nothing more than a "paper Tiger" as we have been called by OBL so many times. This will not only embolden the terrorists who seek our destruction and that of Israel. More ominous is that it will awaken the sleeping bear of the Russian military, and re-ignite the cold war again. The following information was gathered from the Front Page Magazine home page as written by Ariel Cohen. I will take just the salient points from his article which will demonstrate the threat that Russia could bring about if we show the World once again that we are a nation of "quitters". Russia has already begun bullying her neighbors. They convinced the "dictator " of Uzbeck, Islam Karinov to "kick" the U.S. Air force out of their base of operations in his country. Their Navy conducted war games in the Indian Ocean in 2003 in which they simulated sinking a U.S. nuclear carrier and the attack of the U.S. Naval Base at the island of Diego Garcia. Prior to this the Russian military conducted "ZAPAD" maneuvers in 1999 that simulated a "preventive nuclear attack" on the U.S. and NATO Countries using Nuclear submarine launched missiles with MIRV tipped warheads, and the launching of "cruise" type missiles from their "White Swan" planes. This is a copy of our B-1 bomber the plans for which were stolen from the U.s. during the Carter Debacle! The following is a quote from Mr. Cohens article: "According to Pavel Felgenhauer, a prominent Russian military analyst, in 1999 the Russian military conducted Zapad-99 maneuvers that simulated NATO’s blockade of Kaliningrad. Russian military simulated “preventive” nuclear attacks with cruise missiles launched by strategic bombers, with two targets in Western Europe and two in the U.S. hit. Moscow General Staff reported a victory in that simulated war, as if U.S. would refrain from massive retaliation. " The last nine words are the crux of Our dilemma in Iraq. Should we withdraw our troops only to find that our enemies are convinced we will never fight them no matter how aggressive they act. Russia is still smarting and full of anger for the defeat they had in Afghanistan by the U.S. Supported mujaheddin. People like KGB agent President Putin and his fellow travelers might just believe that Our withdrawal from Iraq signals them to become the angry bear we faced during the Cold War! Do we want this to happen?


From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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