People just felt all along that it was not possible to face-off a formidable Government and that they had to go along with all the unconstitutional,inhumane and oppressive laws that their so-called representatives in Government wanted to pass to keep the population under their control instead of serve and protect. The question is, whose Country is this? Who owns the United States of America? The people or the evil politicians who have betrayed their oath of office by becoming dictators? The answer,of course, is that we the people have absolute power over this Country and NOT our elected politicians. The irony is that we ,the people, by electing and re-electing the same oppressors, indirectly become co-conspirators for our own oppression even though we are full aware that these politicians on the Federal and State level are NO GOOD for us. WHICH AGENDA? Well, we see all the time and are used to seeing people running for office, the different political offices,and they present themselves as though that they want to be elected to help us and they show us a long list of things which they claim that they will accomplish once and if elected. In other words,it's their own agenda which they want to put forward and it doesn't have anything to do with what the people want ! The fact is that in a Republic like ours,on paper at least, it doesn't work like this. This farce of "representative" Government cannot go on..but the politicians got away for centuries fooling the people! They say : "Vote for me sucker, and once elected hell with all of you ,I'll do what I want whether you like it or not". In fact this is actually what happens in the United States of America and all other so-called "Democratic" Countries. Really, the will of the people , in substance, amounts to not much.




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