by user Speakeezie


There’s an uneasy eerie foreboding in the air, The scent of treachery and hatred, everywhere. Talk of war, in papers and on the radio, On television, in cafes, wherever you go. Between the White House and United Nations, Sounds of discord and soured relations.

Twin towers of freedom and wealth, Brought crashing down by evil stealth, While forces stand at action stations, The air is black with recriminations. The French and Germans play childish games, Driving wedges through America’s aims.

Cowardly Bin Laden, hiding in his lair, On an Afghan mountain, somewhere, Hatching plots of hideous construction, Teaching the arts of mass destruction. Britain and America all ready for war, France and Germany closing the door.

There’s a stench of death, hanging in the air, As into the abyss, once more we stare, Pondering the atrocities of zealots and fools, Who have no time for books and schools, No interest have they, in thoughtful debate, So wracked their minds, in rabid hate.

There’s a sense of hopelessness in the air. Death surrounds us everywhere. What price our follies past, To haunt us, come at last? How will we another day, Make these nightmares, go away.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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