by user Jaxhawk

An Open Letter To The President


[2] Last night while talking with my eldest son he mentioned an idea which provoked me to write today's blog. He said that President Bush has been trying for over six years to get bipartisanship with the Democrats to no avail. I agree, and it is time for bold initiatives if we want to save our beloved Country from the domination of secular relativists. It is common knowledge that Vice-President Richard Cheney is not in the best of health, and could in all probability not endure the rigors of the presidency should the occasion arise where he assumed that lofty office. Therefore, I am recommending that President Bush ask Mr. Cheney step down from his Vice-Presidency so that President Bush can appoint a well known and respected healthy individual. Before the leftists who read this celebrate the fact that a Blogger known for his ultra-conservative viewpoint is recommending a man hated by the left step down. Read on! There have been numerous uttering and proclamations from Senator Lieberman that he is unhappy with the way the Congressional Democrats are acting, and has considered switching parties. For this reason I suggest President Bush have a meeting with Senator Lieberman, after first getting Mr, Cheney's agreement on the plan, and offer the Vice-presidency to him. By making this political move the president would give the Republican Governor of Connecticut the opportunity to appoint a Republican Senator to replace Lieberman. This would restore the Republican majority in the Senate and stop the leftist steamroller that Pelosi is beginning in the House. It would also stop the specious argument in the media of the Haliburton connection with this Administration. A third reason to have Lieberman in the position of Vice-President is to eliminate the need to select a Vice-Presidential running mate for my favorite yet unannounced candidate. Senator Thompson. The fourth and final reason for me is to stop the "steamroller" of the Media selection. A Democratic victory in 2008 by Hillary or Obama. With Senator Thompson and Senator Lieberman on the 2008 Presidential ticket we would unite the North with Lieberman and the South with Thompson. I believe a winning ticket. What say You President bush as Bill O'Reilly would say. [3]

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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