by user Mcs81986

America has been built on the fundamentals of freedom. Over the years, the American society has progressed towards equality for everyone. Why not end one major inequality in society by allowing homosexuals to have unions under law?

In a nation that does not have a national religion, the reason why homosexual have not been able to become unions under law is because of religious reasoning. I’m not promoting to change religious doctrine. That would be ridiculous. I’m talking about under law. I’m talking about getting the benefits that heterosexual couples get when married. Why should homosexual couples not get the benefits that heterosexual couples get just because they’re homosexual? That’s obviously discrimination and we must have equality.

Everyone should be equal under the law. There is no justifiable reason to be against equality. Perhaps, some believe that homosexuality is wrong. Fair enough, but there’s nothing these people can do about homosexual couples existing, so why not let them get lawful unions? Some people still believe interracial couples are wrong, should we debate about this as well? Aren’t we all human beings? A couple is two people, should we alter that definition? This issue should have no debate. Allow homosexuals to be together under the law.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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