by user Plubius

What with Russia’s struggling economy, murky politics, and all those human rights abuses: the state of the Russian Armed Forces is not good.

The Russian military has always encountered many problems in the past - but today, there are still many reports of hazing, corruption, poor working conditions and so on. Soldiers are often unpaid and those who are payed are often coerced into giving their salaries to more senior ranking soldiers. Just recently, reports have revealed that senior ranking soldiers have been "renting out lower ranking officers to clients."

But wait, isn’t Russia the owner to the world’s largest collection of nuclear arsenal? And with this dismal state of the Russian military… isn’t it a bit dangerous for them to have these weapons? Just last month, a Russian man was arrested in Georgia for having smuggled a small plastic shopping bag of 100g weapons grade uranium - so where did he get his uranium? Georgian officials and the IAEA have already began investigations into this, but as expected, Russia is not cooperating.

What with the Russian economy being as static as ever, Russia doesn’t have the money it needs to pay its scientists and soldiers who are guarding these nuclear weapons. When is it that someone asks “won’t they get millions of dollars for giving these to “terrorist states” or other terrorist groups?” The fact is that no one is sure about what really is going on with all these weapons. Russia’s nuclear program isn’t as well funded as its US counterpart - leaving many of these weapons unchecked and insufficiently guarded.

The real threat isn’t North Korea or Iran… Its Russia’s nuclear arsenal. And unless we continue on with our long delayed trend of disarment or help revive the Russian economy, these weapons are only becoming more and more dangerous - and literally, a ticking time bomb.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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