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Cherry Creek’s school district has decided to cave into racial politics by teaching that to be white is to be a racist, reported by the Rocky Mountain News :

Most white people most of the time" share the belief that "bland is best" when it comes to aesthetics. They believe that "wealth equals worth" and that a wife is "subordinate to (her) husband." In communicating, white people "don't show emotion" and "avoid conflict, intimacy." The article goes on to say:

If planning for the future, delaying gratification and self-reliance are "aspects and assumptions of white culture," as the paper insists, instead of good habits that assist all of us in achieving our goals, then people who harp on such traits may unconsciously be putting minorities down.

Ironically the discriminating moron or morons who put together this intellectual aborration didn’t realize their stereo-typical, generalizing idea is racist in itself. To generalize all or most white people into a category is complete ignorance and racist. Too bad those teaching learning skills are too blinded by racial politics to see that.

Don’t believe us? Insert black or Hispanic where it says white and see if people think it’s a brilliant racial analysis. If they truly want to help children they should teach them that their success is dependent on education and hard work. They should teach them that if they fail in life they have nobody to blame except themselves.

If you are as outraged at these discriminatory policies as we are, please contact Superintendent Monte Moses at:

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From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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