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[1] [2] [3] I realized before I decided to write this blog that I will be accused of being an Islamaphobe and racist. But despite that it must be a subject that we here in the United States consider, or failing to do so, we do it at our own peril.

The subject is the security check of all the Pharmacists, Medical Doctors and Dentists who have been allowed to come into this Country to serve their "own kind". This is the ruse that ex-Governor and ex-Senator, Bob Graham from Florida, sold to the Florida legislature when he mandated that the tests for license should be given in the applicants native language and the rules for pass/fail were "fudged" for foreign applicants to raise the numbers who obtained licenses. His argument was the new arrivals, from an unnamed Country for this blog, did not trust going to an American doctor!

Now we are confronted with a situation which demands our full attention. The eight apprehended alleged bombers of the failed attempt in London and The successful bombing in Scotland were doctors!

All eight were M.D. doctors working for the British National Health Service except for one doctors wife who worked as a nurse.

MI5, the British intelligence agency, admits they are presently watching the activities of 1600 other suspected terrorist conspirators.

If we think our Country is immune to this kind of a covert terrorist attack we are not only stupid but have a death wish. There is every possibility that when these haters of the free world infiltrated the British Health System there were such covert professionals quietly invading our system.

There is no need to panic and round up every Dentist, Pharmacist and medical doctor who is from a Muslim Country, but it is time to begin a surreptitious investigation of the backgrounds and foreign contacts made by these professionals if we want to avert potential disaster caused by a pharmacist who deliberately mislabels medicines or a doctor who heals you is also planning to kill you with a bomb placed in a large professional building.The review of the computers of the doctors arrested in Britian,showed many emails to foreign terrorist groups over time.

Many Liberals decry the invasion of personal privacy caused by the Patriot Act, and even go so far as to suggest it be repealed. They are dupes of the terrorists and should be ignored. The world is involved in a death struggle with these religious fanatics and it is past time for political correctness and such nonsense that only makes us more vulnerable.

War time demands unusual actions by our brave warriors in uniform, and it is time for the rest of us who cherish our fredoms to sacrifice something also if we wish to win this war.

With the do nothing Congress we have now and the agencies charged with intelligence gathering filled with Clinton appointees I doubt anything like this will happen. But I can only express my opinion!


From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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