by Jaxhawk

Time to Obliterate Mosul?

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When Truman decided that an invasion of Japan was too costly in Military lives to contemplate . He authorized the dropping of atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He ended the Carnage that was the Pacific war against Imperial Japan.

Eisenhower had no compunction against the day and night fire bombing of major German cities during the closing months of WWII. The raids killed tens of thousands of women and children, but it helped to stop the war against Nazi Germany.

Now we are faced with an enemy that has taken refuge in Iraq in the city of Mosul. The military authorities have declared Mosul as a hot bed of Al Qaeda activity, and yesterday they proved their control of that city by killing the driver and two guards of the Archbishop of Mosul, Cardinal Paulos Faraj Rahho. They kidnapped him, and there is a good possibility he will end up beheaded as have many other civilian and military captives of al Qaeda over the past four years. It is time to seriously consider wiping Mosul from the face of the Iraqi map.

Carpet bombing the city will get rid of the strong hold that grips Mosul. It will also kill innocent civilians, but in this case the end justifies the means! We are fighting a war of attrition at home as well as in Iraq, and this justifies the carpet bombing of Mosul! It could be the fatal blow that destroys the resolve of alQaeda.

I know this will offend and incense the "peaceniks" and leftist anti-war zealots, but who gives a damn. Are we in this war to win or just kill more American soldiers? If Bush and the Generals fighting the war want to win they must take drastic measures. Obama would withdraw and leave the Iraqis to fight off the bloodbath that follows. I believe he is wrong!

With Russian bombers flying within 5 miles of the USS Nimitz before being chased away by two F-8 fighter jets. It indicates that Russia's dictator(aka President), former KGB colonel Putin, and his 6,000 KGB associates who are involved in Russian federal and regional government, are deadly serious about making Russia's military might known. Two Soviet Era bombers also buzzed the Nimitz in the Sea of Japan last month, before they were chased away by Navy fighters, and the Chinese Communists have launched missiles in the area of the sea off Formosa.

Now is not the time to become a duplicate of the miserable military decline that we have seen happen in Great Britain. There are too many enemies "in the weeds" to show a lack of strength and resolve. Remember you can't bargain with the Devil! And we have enemies that would love to see us elect a person, as President, who shows no support for the military.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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