by Jaxhawk

Hillary the Sophist Speeks with "Forked Tongue"

[1] [2] [3] Yesterday Senator Clinton gave another of her campaign speeches in Iowa. Her pitch to those listening was, if she is elected President, she will immediately bring home the troops from Iraq. But she won't abandon Afghanistan because al Qaeda is growing stronger there, and our national security and international standing depend on our remaining in Afghanistan.

She called Our mission complete in Iraq, and we are now involved in a civil war, and we owe it to our troops to bring them home.

Apparently her memory is conveniently short. During her co-Presidency with the adulterer Bill Clinton she and her friend, Secretary of State Madelaine Albright convinced Bill and the American people to get involved in the Bosnian war (March 1992-11/95) to stop what was portrayed as another "holocaust". The moral equivalent of another Auschwitz! No reasonable thinking person could object to our getting involved in this war they argued.

In fact the international Court of law declared in 2007, that the war was an International war because NATO troops were involved, and many historians have labeled this conflict as a war of agrgression.

She also didn't tell her listeners that because of our involvement in helping to defeat or drive out the Serbian population who were mostly Catholic . The vacuum allowed the Muslim Islamists to now use the Balkans as a recruiting ground and staging area for Islamic terrorists.

Four of the six Muslims who were captured and charged with plotting to blow-up the Naval Base in Jacksonville were ethnic Albanians from Kosovo.

The multiculturalism supporters like the Clinton's and the liberal media saw the war in Bosnia as an excuse to promote multi-ethnicism and for long term expansion of American liberal democratic ideals.

But the Muslim leaders like Ayman al Zuwahiri, used the war to develop a gain a European "bridgehead"for Islamists.

If "miscreants" like Hillary win the Oval Office prize you can expect the Islamist will wage the genocide that the Clinton's claimed they were preventing in Bosnia in Iraq. And they will have two countries to use as staging areas for the mass slaughter of our troops in Afghanistan and us here at home. God fordid this from happening, but the Americans were sheepish enough to elect Hillary's husband twice.


From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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