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Hillary Is The Socialist Candidate For Certain

[1] [2] As far as this blogger is concerned. Senator Hillary Clinton came out of the closet yesterday, and declared herself as a Socialist. At a Democrat fund raising dinner in Columbus, Ohio she proclaimed that if elected she will see that we get universal health care, withdrawal of the troops from Iraq immediately, appropriate funds for alternative sources of energy and hire MORE government employees who are qualified people. What she means by qualified is a conundrum. Does she mean the government that is presently overloaded with over paid and richly covered with benefits are presently incompetent? If she means that I would agree with her. What she really means, I believe, is she will hire more leftist leaning people to enlarge the democrat voting block that already exists in Washington. If this isn't socialism I am from another planet! Earlier in the day she gave a commencement address at an all Black University in South Carolina. She promised the graduates of Claflin University that if she is elected she will push for legislation that includes"a student bill of rights". No such right exists in the Constitution, but that hasn't stopped the leftists in Congress and the Supreme Court from establishing new "rights" at will. This student bill of rights will mandate that student loans be contracted taking into consideration the students ability to pay back the loan, and will be based upon a percentage of the students income. This will by law keep fees and interest rates "reasonable" per Hillary. The first thing that comes to my mind is who will pay the difference. The "Big Bad" Lenders as Hillary would have you believe won't be able to absorb the loss such a program mandates. It is you and I the hard working taxpayer who will have to "pony-up" the tax dollars to cover all her promised socialism! This Country will travel down the same road to insolvency as has most of Europe if this woman gets into the Oval Office. God help the middle class if she does!

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From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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