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Thursday, May 15, 2008

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In the past couple of days, the media have reported "grim" melting of ice in the Arctic while disgracefully ignoring the history of the region prior to 1979 and explorations of the area as far back as 1903.  

As the Washington Post REPORTED: "The Arctic ice cap is melting faster than scientists had expected and will shrink 40 percent by 2050 in most regions, with grim consequences for polar bears, walruses and other marine animals, according to government researchers".    

THE "FLY IN THE OINTMENT" IS THAT THE STUDIES THEY ARE BASING THEIR CONCLUSIONS ON WERE ONLY STARTED IN 1972, and only since 1979 have we been able to monitor the ice pack by satellite! The outrageous conclusions were made, with a straight face, that ice conditions in the Arctic are either historically low or grim, despite the fact we've only been monitoring these levels for the last 35 years? Is everything that happened in this region - in thousands of millennia since the World Began - totally irrelevant?    

There are historical facts that as early as 1940 a Royal Canadian wooden ship was able to transit the Northwest Passage that was clear enough of ice for a wooden sailboat, with a crew of seven, to successfully navigate it more than 100 years ago. How many times in the history of the planet do you think a similar - or even more ice-free - condition existed in this area? And even further back in history Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian explorer, successfully navigated the Northwest Passage in August 1905! So today Secratary Dirk Kempthorne "paid his pound of flesh" to the Ecology zealots, and declared the Polar bear was an endangered species. The ramifications for this reckless act will be felt for years to come, and in an instant made the USA more dependent upon the Arab nations that wish to destroy us!    

This is the first time that the Endangered Species Act has been used to protect a species threatened by the impacts of global warming. There has been concern within the business community that such action could have far-reaching impact and could be used to regulate carbon dioxide.    

Law suits are probably already being drawn up by the cadre of lawyers who will file the suits for monetary damages by the Ecologists against any industry that produces CO2. Marilyn Crockett, executive director of the Alaska Oil and Gas Association, said she's concerned Wednesday's decision will drive prolonged court battles over oil future exploration and production. The association represents 17 oil and gas companies plus the owners of a trans-Alaskan pipeline."We now have a species threatened, which is both healthy in size and population; the real risk is litigation that will follow," Crockett said. "Lawsuits will continue to be filed opposing individual operations, lease sales and permits, and that could have a significant impact on business up here."    

About 15 percent of the nation's oil is being produced in Alaska, and soaring prices for the commodity are pushing companies to look farther and farther offshore to the floors of the Beaufort and Chukchi seas, which are frozen much of the year.You can be sure this will come to a screeching halt thanks to this dastardly decision! Source: Cybercast News Service

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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