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Romney in a video on YouTube that you can watch at this link says he wants to repeal the Mccain-Feingold campaign finance law.

Mccain-Feingold is a law passed in 2002 that put restrictions on campaign finance and spending. You can research that law at this link. If we allow Romney to get into office and repeal this law we will be making a huge mistake. This law is designed to make sure that small groups with large amounts of money can't control politics with donations. While this law is one step in the right direction, we still need many more regulations. I find it vaguely funny that a republican would want to repeal this law. Romney tries to say that this law opposes freedom of speech because it limits contributions that you can make to a political party with a similar agenda. I sure can't remember the last time i donated to a politician. It would be very easy to find a large corporation that makes donations to politicians. This law was made to protect Americans from corporations and corrupt politicians. Republican would sure love to see the day when there can be unlimited spending and donations in elections. this would ensure that no opponent can spend enough to even get to to spending their ideas. The Republicans would love to the day when elections are won by money and not ideas. One more concern about Mitt Romney and republicans. in this highly popular video on YouTube, Mitt Romney debates senator Kennedy in 94. You can watch this video at this link: When the timer hits 48 seconds Romney says "personal beliefs should not be brought into a political campaign." Watch the video, he says it. If your personal beliefs don't belong in the campaign, exactly who beliefs do you follow Mr. Romney? Since that video you have flipped on your belief for the woman to have the right to choose. Did you flip because your republican base doesn't support your beliefs. We need a president who can stand firm in what they believe. Not what people tell them to believe.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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