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Some Politicians Don't Seem to Care Where Their Campaign Money Comes From

[1] [2] [3] In her 2000 campaign for election to the U.S. Senate Hillary Clinton accepted $50,000 from a Palestinian lobbyist named Harri Masri, and recently her campaign for Democrat nomination to be President accepted $100,000 from this same man. On the 21st of May this year Democrat Governor of Virginia was the keynote speaker at the award dinner Of the " Muslims American Society" Freedom Foundation. There is no record of the fee he received from the MAS, but you know politicians in office seldom speak for free. Now we have a dark skinned Muslim American running for a seat in Virgina's House of Delegates. His campaign in financially supported by the mostly African American group called Al-Fugra. This man previously was appointed to the department of Homeland Security as Director of Intelligence policy. Aman with no previous experience in intelligence work who was under investigation during his tenure at HLS for failure to disclose that he received money from jailed terrorist Abdurahman Alaoudi. Alamoudi was jailed for laundering money for terrorist groups, and was linked to the plot to kill Crown Prince Abdulla of Saudi Arabia. He was not fired from this sensitive position, however. I have no problem with religious organizations contributing to politicians campaigns, but I do when these goups have links to terrorist organizations! In the same state that not only did the Governor give the keynote speech for the MAS, but the State Senate has honored Makrit Hossain. This man is a member of MAS an organization that is dedicated to fighting for jailed illegal aliens by contributing to their legal aid. They also are linked to Jamaat Al Fugra, a sect of mostly African American Mulims that was founded allegedly in 1980 by Pakistani Sheik Mubarak Ali Jilani Hashemi. There are between 19 and 38 compounds where these sect members have "cloistered" themselves around the country. Their greatest concentration appears to be in the States of Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, Georgia and California. Although they profess to be peaceful groups that want to separate themselves from the rest of society. They are known to have firing ranges, armed guards and are suspected of money laundering for terrorist groups. Their focus is in American prisons with disgruntled African Americans. An off shoot of Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a sister organization of AlQaeda,these sects call themselves "Muslims Of The Americas". Infamous "shoe bomber" and the DC sniper are alleged by the FBI to have been members of Jamaat Ul-Fuqra. Daniel Pearl 38 year old journalist was beheaded by this organization while he was searching to interview The leader of JAF, Sheikh Mubarik Ali Gilani, to determine if the "shoe bomber" Richard Ried was a member of JAF.


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From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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