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If you have the time you might want to go and read National Security Directive 51. Then pucker up and kiss your Constitution good-bye.


Not only has the administration just enacted a law without congressional oversight it also circumvents the protocols of succession enacted by the 25 th Amendment.


An article by the Washington Post demonstrates how this enables the administration to consolidate power in response to a "Catastrophic Emergency."


This document lays out a foundation for continued operation of the government in case of such and emergency. An emergency such as this can occur anywhere in the world for reasons such as that it has an affect on our economy, according to the Directive.


It allows the President to organize other branches of government to preserve the constitutional framework. It allows a "National Continuity Coordinator" to set succession orders and "emergency delegation of authority."


Let me clarify that, and I might be interpreting this wrong, but it seems as if some midlevel bureaucratic hack has just been given the responsibility to reorganize our government in case of a catastrophic emergency.


Not the congress, not the courts, not the 25th Amendment.


This person will also have the authority to acquire whatever resources they deem necessary to carry out the Directive.


The Directive also grants authority to '. . .exercise funding, in the form of grants. . .to. . .private sector and critical infrastructure owners and operators.'

This opens the door for Haliburton and Blackwater to be funded to restore the government in case of a "Catastrophic Emergency." 


I guess that's one way to get our troops home.


And it does follow through that constitutional law be restored at such a time as the catastrophe has passed.


Continuity of Government is now policy, not law.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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