by user PhatShady

Poor ol' Fred Thompson

Poor guy, looks like he just might have to run for president. His party is so bereft of quality leadership that they are begging him to save the day against the tide of dissent.


Poor ol' Fred is just gonna have to do it.


He is so Reaganesque it just hurts. There is a whole website devoted to how Fred and Ron match up.


This is where I start to get that unclean feeling. It appears that ol' Fred was Republican counsel for the Senate Watergate Committee during the Nixon Administration.


He is part of the Cabal of Conservatives who just seem to pop up again and again in American Politics. People like Dick Cheney, James Baker, etc., and now ol' Fred.


Now I know that its not unusual for people who have been a member of the party for a long time to be recycled through various posts in different administrations but he is part of that coterie of republicans who just never seem to go away. And whenever the party is in dire straights they seem to be pulled forward into the fray to bring calm and reassurance, Daddy's here, he'll take care of it.


Then again Nixon is on tape saying, "Oh shit, he's dumb as hell." Which gives credence to the theory that W is just a shill for those who are really running things. Like W and Ronnie before him ol' Fred will stick to the script.


The Cabal of Conservatives has come to the conclusion that a Cross Dresser, POW, and/or a Mormon are too independent and may 'go off the reservation.'


So enter ol' Fred to save the day.

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From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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