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Many American Jews fail to identify with their Biblical past because they are of the opinion that the past is all a bunch of myths and they react only if a racial slur is uttered against them. Biblical history indicates this was true when they were banished to Egypt for their immoral aloofness to God. It took Moses to lead a stubborn bunch of people back to their God honored homeland after wandering the desert for forty years. Too many Jews, like many Christians and non believers, have lost their appreciation of the main purpose for existing in this life. Love of God, and your fellow "man". Democrats, as they falsely call themselves today, are not the Democrats of the 40's. Too many are socialistic pseudo-intellectuals who believe left wing internationalism trumps every thought of a true democracy.

For American Jews to vote for a party that has appeared to endeared itself to those who are determined to destroy the Jews in Israel and eventually to rule the world, is irrationality at its finest. Right minded people don't hand a loaded gun to an apparent enemy, but this is what, sadly, many Jews and so called mainstream Americans did in 2006 by voting Democrat. The "Blue Dog" Democrat is a schlemeil who votes for Democrats because his father or grandfather did without checking on the people who now claim to be Democrats. Too many are pure socialists of the Lenin/Stalin/Marxist philosophical mode. The poor and the downtrodden have benefited little from these "flim flam" artists of taxation without representation. They are also filled with hate as demonstrated by them with their relations with President Bush in the past six years.

The Holocaust remains stamped forever in my brain but apparently, not in the minds of people who voted "Democrat"in the elections of 2004 and 2006. A repeat performance in 2008 will be a disaster for Jews. Ask Joe Lieberman about the ruthlessness of the Democratic party that tried their darnedest to defeat him by supporting a known anti-war socialist in 2006. Fortunately, Sen.Joseph Lieberman, a true American who supports Israel's sovereignty, was able to win reelection as an Independent, not as a so-called Democrat. God Bless America.And please don't let Israel down by voting Democratic in '08!

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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