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File:Pakistanmob.jpg ISLAMABAD (AFP) - Islamic hardliners in Pakistan burned an effigy of Queen Elizabeth as senators Tuesday joined mounting calls for London to withdraw Salman Rushdie's knighthood.


I don't know about other contributors to Politics Wikia but I am becoming increasingly fed up with the medieval antics of Islamic extremists. I don't like them, I detest them. They represent the worst aspects of all things religious but above all they and those mullahs that encourage them, are a throwback to the dark ages of ignorance and bigotry. They are us, 500 years ago or more, burning so called "heretics" at the stake because they dared to oppose the tyranny of the Catholic "mullahs" of the time. It's very disturbing imagery and an unwanted reminder of Europe's ignorance and barbarity from a bygone age. Thankfully, we consigned this garbage to the dustbin of history long ago and it's about time Islam did the same.

Those in the Islamic community who complain that the security services are targeting them unfairly as a result of the actions of a minority of extremists have no defense. Were the boot on the other foot and it was a minority of white Christian's who were launching terror attacks against them, we would be the first to turn over the fanatics to the police because we are capable of recognizing that terror is against the interests of everyone in a civilized society. We are sufficiently intelligent to recognize pure evil when we see it and treat it as such.

Furthermore, those from the Islamic community who claim to owe allegiance to Islam before their host country deserve no sympathy from the rest of us. If they had any scruples at all, they would return forthwith from whence they came. They are not wanted here by any of us.

If things continue as they are, I fear it will not be long before we are all turned into terrorists. How long can we allow them the advantage of playing by their own barbaric rules while we meekly wait for the next abomination. Unless the Islamic community set their own house in order quickly, all hell will break loose? The clock is ticking.

Thankfully in the UK, we are free to criticize the beliefs of Christianity, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Pope and even the Queen without fear that some religious/political fruit cake will impose a "fatwa" on us. This is what separates us from dictatorship and tyranny which can only flourish in an environment intolerant of opposition or change to established dogma, be it religious or political. When ideas are stifled, stagnation rules and tyranny thrives.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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