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The government's account of the September 11, 2001 attacks is in doubt by many. The history of these doubts go back to just after the planes hit the tower, but they are now widespread, even in the United States.

As the towers collapsed, many doubted that it could be caused by the planes and fire alone [1]. The Muslim world and many others believed the Bin Laden tape was faked [2].

Now, the beliefs are widespread, even in the US. Former General Powell told Senator McCain that "the world is beginning to doubt the moral basis of our fight against terrorism [3]." Today, with the help of movies such as Loose Change [4], there is an "explosion of disbelief [5]."

Now, the media is starting to mention it, but in odd ways. Rosie O'Donnell points viewers of The View to John Conner's Resistance Manifesto [6]. CNN's Paula Zahn does a hit job saying that 9/11 skeptics are anti-semitic [7]. In a similar fashion, Cartman blames Kyle [8].

Unfortunately, there is good reason for skepticism. The 9/11_Truth_Movement raises many questions. Here's the short list:

  1. Why were so many warnings about 9/11 ignored [9]?
  2. Why wasn't the unusual trading of airline stocks ever investigated?
  3. Why were none of the planes intercepted?
  4. Why were there so many military drills running on that day with one that involved mock hijackings [10]?
  5. Why did so many eyewitness hear explosions/bombs going off in the WTC buildings?
  6. Why is there a video of molten metal pouring out of the buildings [11]?
  7. Why are there photos of molten metal at ground zero [12] or firefighters describing pools of molten metal in the rubble [13]?
  8. Why did the buildings fall so fast?
  9. Why did building 7 fall at all?
  10. Why did CNN cameramen policemen and fire fighters say they were running away from building 7 because it was about to blow up [14]?
  11. Why did Larry Silverstein admit they had the building pulled [15]?
  12. Why won't the government release the 50+ videos they admit they have of the crash at the pentagon?
  13. Why was there never any obvious wreckage of a plane there [16]?
  14. Why did Bush lie about when he first saw the towers hit [17]?
  15. Why did Bush just sit there while America was being attacked? Why didn't the Secret Service do their job to protect the President [18]?
  16. Why are many of the 9/11 family members still trying to Press for Truth [19]?
  17. Why was FEMA prepositioned in NYC [20]?

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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