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Of Missiles and Menaces

Just days after the announcement that Britain and the US have been in talks about extending the US Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) defense, Iran takes first steps into space. The Czech republic and Poland are also in talks with the US over ABM defense.  The ABM defense could protect much of Europe eventually, putting Russia in a technological hole. The important character in the anti-ballistic drama is Russia for a couple reasons. Russia has been more bellicose in its disdain for the US lately.  And like a frightened dog who is cornered, the growls are more from fear than aggression. The US missile defense system, although some say won't be able to shoot down modern rockets, will definitely put Russia in a financial bind.  Russia hasn't had the money to recapitalize their ballistic missiles, so even if the US missile defense system wouldn't work against the latest missile systems, the US missile defense system must be a threat to Russia. In fact Russian President Vladamir Putin states as much when he threatens that the missile defense system will create a new arms race.  One that Russia cannot afford. Russia does have a bargaining chip though.  Russia's ties to Iran has been problematic for the US at the UN.  Russia continues to frustrate US efforts at the UN to impose sanctions on Iran at the UN.  Russia threatens to veto any sanctions the UN would consider that would impose on Russia's relationship with Iran. Now that Iran is testing its space program with rocket launches it puts Russia in a bigger bind.  Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has gone on record making statements the West finds threatening.  Although his intentions are hard to decipher, assuming Ahmadinejad means no harm would be unjustly naive and irresponsible.  This is also why other Iranians in the government are trying to muzzle Ahmadinejad. The Iranian rocket launch, along with the Iranian nuclear program justify the West's pursuit of an anti-ballistic missile defense system. So while Russia may object to the US ABM program, until it can reign in its Iranian ally, its bark will fall on deaf ears. [1] Free Thinking Americans free delivery

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From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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