by user Jaxhawk

Dear Secretary Gates.

I am writing to you in hopes that what I have learned is news to You also. If it is not, then I must consider the possibility that political correctness and gross stupidity has infiltrated the Defense Department as it has obviously attacked the State Department.

It is one thing to ask people to volunteer to go into harms way for the good of their fellow country men. But it is complrte and utter stupidity to take the ammunition out of the weapons they will most surely need if and when their post is attacked. That is what safety locks are for!

The following partial quote is from todays Washington Times. Please read it and please put the ammunition back into our troops weapons at all times. We have trained these men and women to fight, but not with their hands tied behind their backs!


"US troops are being forced to carry unloaded weapons on most US bases because commanders are more worried about a "negligent" discharge than the very real likelihood of a terrorist attack by an insider on the base. The rule is all the more disconcerting because these troops are in areas where they receive combat pay..."This selection of political correctness and safety concerns over force protection contrasts markedly with combat experience in World War II, Korea or Vietnam, where soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines were required to be armed — with loaded weapons — at all times," one official said. "This is a gross failure of leadership, and in all likelihood has contributed to the US casualty rate," the official said. The officer in Iraq said the unloaded-gun rule is a symptom of bigger military leadership problems, especially in the Army. "Unfortunately, many military leaders are little more than managers, and many of those have consciously chosen to reduce themselves to the level of permanent administrator, because it is safer for their careers than risking real decision-making," he said...A soldier in Afghanistan said the no-loaded-weapons rule is true for bases there as well, adding that soldiers are required to unload weapons after returning from "Indian country".

The Democrat Congress is trying to force Our troops to retreat from Iraq by cutting off funds. This is an act of perfidy, but making soldiers empty their weapons in an enemy combat zone is idiotic! You can and should change this policy immediately. I hope to God you will!




From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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