by Jaxhawk

THE FOLLOWING IS FROM MY BROTHER AN MD,GWW | Whoever thinks about electing this Demoniac Democrat or any other candidate who openly supports murder of living humans are in the same cult as Hitler,Stalin,Mao Tse Tung,etc.Their disdain for human life is no different than Margaret Sanger who started this Murder by Abortion as a means to stop Blacks and,in her snobbish opinion,any other less than desirable mothers to be, from the very low classes, from breeding excessively..She felt these people were a detriment to the welfare of this country.This was her logic which is similar to that of Hitler,etc.Now,almost 3/4 century or more later we have Killing by Abortion legalized by the Federal Govt. of the United States with the  murder of of millions of unborn babies since the 60's and now this uncaring, unfeeling candidate for the top job in America comes along and in the ruse of "Christianity"is all for more laws which will kill babies in and OUT of the womb.Despite his blatant denial, both groups of living human beings are alive and deserving of the rights and protection of all living humans,but this new breed of social scientist with little to no  moral ethics says he will increase the killing fields of the babies in this country, if elected.The indifference expressed by this man regarding these little ones lives sends a wave of nausea across my stomach. As a physician,I have been forced to live with the murder of millions of unborn chidren under a half baked law and now another culture of death advocate comes along and adds another dose of Genocide for good measure.I also would like to point out that Afro-American women in my experience of many years are almost totally against murdering their babies and have suffered great hardships because they prefer to have their babies delivered and raised by them rather than killed and thrown mecilessly in a trash can.America,America, let us join hands with the tragically departed Martin Luther King and not be lead to believe that this is a move supported by Afro American Christians or any God worshipping Jew,Christian,or Moslem.If this man and other such social engineers are all the Democrats,and the Republicans have to offer for President of this great country,we are wallowing in a cesspool of despair with little future hope.May God bless America and help us to find our way back to His covenant which respects the Sanctity of all Human Life,especially the most dependent and helpless of all of us,our little children.    

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From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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