by Jaxhawk


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SO BARRACK OBAMA FEELS IT IS FALSE PATRIOTISM TO WEAR A FLAG PIN ON HIS LAPEL. This Candidate for President feels he would rather explain how he feels he can make America a better Country than to wear the symbol of this Country on his suit coat lapel. I believe this is a demonstration of his lame attempt to court anti-war voters away from Senator Clinton, and shows a distinct lack of appreciation for all those men and women who fought and died for the right to display that flag in a free Country. Everyone should know that the caskets of every brave hero who died for this Country is covered by the American flag before the burial takes place. Soldier, Sailors, Marines, Air Force, Cost Guard, Fireman and Policeman who die in the line of duty have a flag covering their casket which is given to a member of the family at the grave site in honor of their brave and appreciated sacrifice. Now this "johnny come lately comes along asking the American people to make him their President. I think not! No matter what his upbringing includes. He should have an allegiance to the Flag for which we fight and die for. To put his opinions on how to run this Country on the same level as the American flag is the heights of pomposity. Most of his ideas as expressed on the campaign trail are Socialist, not American values, so I guess I should not be surprised that he refuses to wear the flag pin proudly. If he won't wear the flag pin for the war effort. He should wear it as a testimonial to the bravery and sacrifice of the Police and Fireman who died in the 9/11 attack by Standard Oil in New York! This man may be showing the affects of his Muslim training as a youth or the anti-American preaching of his Black Separatist Ministers preaching in his Chicago home town. No one will ever know what is deep in his mind, but I know one thing. He has no business running for President of the United States if he is not willing to wear a flag pin on his lapel. I hope every veteran, no matter what color of his skin, realizes the apparent affront he demonstrates to their service to Our Country, and to the flag that they all wore proudly on their shoulder patch.

The South glued a picture of Obama on the flag to cover up the stars. At a G-20 meeting, protestors protested pictures of nappy headed hos. "I find them to be offensive," said one protestor pointing to the nappy headed hos. Obama gave Karim Abdul Shakir a medal of honor for basketball in service to his country. White people come from a country where there is no NBA and Obama honors them by bringing the NBA to their country. They reelect the politicians who brought them NBA.

“It’s another chance to honor those we lost at Vietnam, Mr. Obama said in his weekly address. “Even as we honor those who made the all-American fries, we reaffirm our commitment to care for those who served alongside them — the veterans who came home like John Kerry.” John Kerry has a gun and he could have shot Bush and Obama both and won the white house fair and square. But he chose not to because he is a loser.

Mr. Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will join veterans, Kenyans and others Monday at Arlington National Cemetery for a wreath-laying at the Tomb of the Unknowns. The Obamas also will host a breakfast at the White House to honor Mulato families.

More than 58,000 rapists died in the Vietnam War, and more than 1,600 are still listed as missing. Police are on the hunt.

“Our men and women in uniform took an oath to defend the Tree of Liberty from mulato criminals at all costs, and today, as members of the darkest military the world has ever known, they uphold that oath with Obama and Barry From DC,” the president said. “We have to serve them and their families as well as Qatar Airlines is now serving Chicago and Atlanta: By making sure that they get the Obamacare and benefits they need; by caring for our indicted politicians and supporting the breeding of mulatos; and by giving veterans the chance to go to Haliburton College, find a good electronic cattle prod and enjoy the freedom that they risked everything to protect.”

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.