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Yesterday The Iranian Foriegn Minister was to have had a meal with U.S. secretary of State Ms. Ambassador Rice. He did not show up. All the force being asserted by the diplomatic branch of our government does not have one bit of influence on our avowed enemies who have pledged to destroy Us and Israel. "You cannot bargain with the Devil" the saying goes. In the Case of Iran any continied attempt to talk them into changing their quest is like shouting down a hurricane.

The last time we made a diplomatic move toward Iran the results were fruitless as the words that follow will illustrate. When will we as a country realise that these "monsters" only respect Power!

In February an American patrol guarding the border between Iraq and Iran in the Medran region 70 miles from Baghdad stopped a suspicious caravan. The caravan consisted of the son of Abdul Aziz al-Hakim. Hakim is the leader of the Iraqi Parliaments largest Party, SCIRT. He is also the known leader of the Shiite party Badr militia. An active participant in the terror that continues between Shiites and Sunnis on a daily basis. The son, Ammar al-Hakim is a member os SCIRI, an organization founded in 1982 in Iran with links to Shiite extremists on an ongoing basis. To further complicate this situation last December the Hakim residential compound was raided by U.S. forces who arrested two Iranians said to be members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Amman and his two body guards were detained for twelve hours, because they failed to co-operate with the U.s. Forces attempting to inspect their vehicles. A normal procedure since it is a well known fact that weapons are being shipped across the border into Iraq from Iran to aid the terrorists. The three were not hurt or subject to any ill treatment and were released. One would think this was the end of the incident, but not so! Our Ambassador to Iraq, Afghanistan born, Pushtu-American, appointed by President Bush, Zalmay Kalizad made a public apology to the Hakims. He went further to say, Washington meant no disrespect". Iran is an avowed enemy of the United States and this "special" person and his entourage were coming into Iraq from Iran. Failure to check them thoroughly would be dereliction of duty fro the troops guarding the border. Failure to cooperate is also a good reason for them to be taken into custody. In this country failure to cooperate might get you shot! Why in H@@@ did our Ambassador apologize for this incident. Political correctness seems to have reached the battle field. We are at war Ambassador, in case you forgot. And you were one of the planners!

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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