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[1] [2] Legend has it that while the Italian City of Rome burned. Nero sat on his balcony high above the city and played the fiddle.

The President and Congress are doing essentially the same thing. While the spend valuable time trying to get an Amnesty Bill passed which allegedly will add a trillion dollars in social security benefits to the 12-20 million "new Americans". A system that is already on the Verge of bankruptcy.

The world is on fire all around u! Not literally , but figuratively because at least three things that potentially couod bring an end to the free world as we know it are developing. Nobody in Washington seems to care about anything but getting more millions of illegals legalized voters.

The Russian business newspaper, Kommersant, is reporting that when Assad made his trip to Moscow last fall he made a 1 billion dollar deal with Putin to deliver to Syria five MiG-31E twin jet interceptors. These planes are capable of speeds of three times the speed of sound and can shoot down a target from as far away as 110 miles.

At the same time John Tkacik, former State Department official, has an article in which he alleges that the Chinese Communists have been sending sniper rifles with thousands of rounds of ammunition, rocket propelled grenades and components for road side IEDs to both the Taliban in Afghanistan and the terrorists(aka insurgents) in Iraq to kill Our troops! Of course the Chinese deny this, but Tkack writes, and the Washington Times reports, that the Iranians who are paying for these weapons have asked that the serial numbers be destroyed on the weapons so they can't be traced back to China.

If that were not enough bad news. The "blotter" is reporting that they have a video of a "graduation ceremony for 300 suicide bombers in an Al Qaeda training camp located in Afghanistan that shows they will be sent shortly to the United States, England, Germany and Canada to blow up bombs in populated areas. The U.S. intelligence people(aka "stupids") claim this is just more Al Qaeda propaganda, but this blogger and many other knowledgeable people claim it is a threat to the free world that needs sincere attention.

It is way past time that Our Government should try to convince the American people that we can continue business as usual.We need to become a war ready Country. And we should stop commerce with China and Russia until we are certain they are not giving the tools to our enemies to defeat us.

It is time to reject lies and deceptions and proceed with a "BIG STICK" as T. Roosevelt would have said.


From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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