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all i ever here in the media is that the media has a liberal biased.  well actually it is mostly fox news that is the accusor of the liberal bias.  of course it would be fox to give the assumption of a liberal bias.  of course it wouldnt look at itself, which is just a government propogana machine.  well fuck you fox.  who in the hell said that liberal is a bad thing.  i guess whoever doesnt like the liberals doesnt like freedom.  liberty and freedom are synonymous.  i guess most of the pundits at fox dont like freedom, maybe that is why they are slaves to their corporate media overloards.  they will say and do anything they are told to do on camera.  maybe that is why they dont like liberty.  the people telling them what to say dont want the american people to be free.  they wants suboardinate slaves to work for low wages while they just loan out money and collect interest.  this country is owned and you can easily see the owners of the country own the media.  maybe that is why we are reading these articles instead of national media.  has it really come down the fact that we as americans trust a web site where any dumbass can write about anything more than we trust someone who is getting paid 20 million to spout his or her ideas.  well i for surely would trust someone who has no economic gain from giving ideas.  maybe the 20million has compromised the ideas of some of the pundits in the media.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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