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While there are a host of characters vying for the 2008 Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton stands out as the star among mere mortals. She is the wife of the consummate politician, Bill Clinton. Since George W. Bush eked out a re-election victory, the general view has been Mrs. Clinton will be the next Democratic Presidential nominee. Despite Barack Obama's meteoric rise and a potential formidable challenge from John Edwards, Hillary Clinton is considered by many to already have the nomination in the bag. If the Democrats do in fact nominate Hillary Clinton, it is my view they deserve to lose the general election in 2008.

At the top of the ticket, does Hillary Clinton give the Democrats the best chance to win? From where I sit, I believe the answer is no. Senator Clinton as the candidate would motivate Conservatives like no one else to get out and vote against her. On the far left, Hillary Clinton is not adored because she hasn't come out forcefully enough against the Iraq invasion and occupation. In addition, a Clinton candidacy may spur Ralph Nader back into the political arena. While Nader has no shot to win, he might garner more support than last time from disenchanted anti-war voters unwilling to back a hawkish candidate like Hillary. With Hillary as the candidate, the Democrats run the risk of selecting someone with views that would be essentially indistinguishable from the Republican entrant, and as such could lose an important advantage.

Hillary Clinton may be a savvy politician, but she is no leader. Other than inauthentic criticism of the administration, Hillary Clinton's position on Iraq has been equivocal and vague. Recently, she has spoken out more forcefully against the administration's policy in Iraq, but is it a principled stand? Instead of seeming authentic, the antics of Hillary Clinton give the impression she is basing her views on the direction the political winds are blowing. Averse to taking chances, Hillary Clinton is a "me, too" candidate seemingly without conviction. If Americans are seeking a bold leader in their next President, Hillary Clinton would seem to be a poor choice.

It is not the intention here to vilify Hillary Clinton. She isn't the most ethically challenged person to ever seek the Presidency(look at the hooligans running the country now). But, she has shown little inclination to lead. And from where I sit, that should make people think twice before putting Hillary in the White House.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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