by user Jaxhawk

 I have always been a person who supports the Conservative position. Right or wrong the conservative position has been my way of thinking. It is why I have supported President bush through all the negativity that has been dumped on him during this "righteous" war against Islamist terrorism. But if you read my posting earlier today we may have to finally realize that we have "the fox in the hen house". Al-Maliki could be the "fox"! For this reason I am posting an opinion which I have to admit sounds not only plausible but perhaps the only thing to do at this point in time. It hurts me deeply to admit we are in a situation that has no end, and I realize that Our withdrawal will result in genocide for certain.  But if the elected leadership in Washington fails to grasp the threat to Us from Iran. It may be time to reconsider our commitment. I agree with the readers comments that follow. We should abandon the "boots on the ground" approach, and bomb the living H**l out of any place in Syria, Iraq and Iran that we know is a haven for Terrorists. The following is from an ultra conservative like myself, that I trust. The only positive solution to the whole problem in the Middle East liberal created lovefest,in my opinion, and our only way out of a quagmire produced by a gutless U.S. Congress who have all but waved a white flag to the murderous terrorists,along with the sad support by a weak liberal Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, who has also allowed the terrorists to increase their resolve in the fighting in Iraq and in destroying the sovereignty of Israel by his cowardice, is to pull out of Iraq,drop many "bunker buster" bombs on Iran to destroy Iran's nuclear development sites,and tell the Middle East to go to hell in a hand basket. The Israelis apparently,with a cowardly pacifist at their helm, and doing nothing to rid themselves of this coward, are content to let the barbarians,once again,take away their God given right to freedom. Thousands of years of asinine,foolish attempts at reasonable persuasion by pompous idealogue has done nothing, but for brief periods of time,to stop the ongoing bloodshed. History is repeating itself and we would be best to concentrate on ridding our country of its treacherous politicians who have flaunted President Bush in a treasonous way, in the next election, and build a super strong defensive capability. However,this in all likelihood is wishful thinking with the morally corrupt state this country is in today.God Bless an Help America.


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From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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