by user Vtbub

A group that supports same sex marriages is trying to get a petition on the ballot that would require married couples to have children within three years or face annulment.

What an absolute crock of manure.

Regardless of how you feel about gay marriage, those who are backing this are doing the entire same sex marriage movement a huge disservice by pushing a petition that even they call "absurd."

If this is tongue in cheek, this is really pathetic and a slap in the face of thousands of married couples who are incapable of even having children.

We get the fact that they are unhappy that they are not allowed to marry. Some of us are sympathetic to that, yet by even pushing for something as stupid and asinine as this, you will lose support from some who may be persuaded one way or another.

It is inconceivable that those who wish to marry would try and trivialize it in the way that demeans the very thing they wish to have. It just looks bad and makes those who wish to have same sex marriage look out of the mainstream.

Like so much "comedy" in life, this is a horrible joke done in very bad taste.

Grow up.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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