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Major General John Batiste was fired by CBS for taking part in a tv ad. Says Batiste in the ad: "Mr. President, you have placed our nation in peril". I do not know if this is something you should fire him for. You can read more about the incident in this article here. CBS News Vice President, Standards and Special Projects Linda Mason had some of her own words to say. You can read about it at the CBS news site .

I wanted to know, do you really think they sould have fired him? He has certain remarks about our president, he speaks the truth, and he gets fired for it? CBS fires Don Imus, CBS fires John Batiste. NBC removes internet vote counts; they claim their own winner for the first GOP debate. CBS censors the media, by firing people who speak out about Bush.

The people on the right claim that pushes liberialism, which there is no denying that it does. This is more proof that our media is controlled, if not by politicians, then Big Business owners. Some how each news station is biased againts some party, so who do we trust for news? For so long people of America have been manipulated into believing facts, or opinions, or big Politicians Stances on political matters, & foreign affair matters. For so long Politicians have lied, and promised to the American people, but they hardly ever deliever. President after President we are let down. Will the next president let the American people down? Will the internet somehow change the way views are pushed on to people? Or will the big News corporations and the big business owners take over our free world too?

Is there any way you can deny that 99% of the mainstream media is biased in some way or another, is there any way you can deny that they push their agendas on the American people, their views, their opinions?

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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