by Jaxhawk

Thursday, September 04, 2008

I do not usually watch political conventions, because of the hot air and hyperbole that are associated with this type event. But I had to watch last nights speech by Vice-President designate, Governor Palin.And I was both surprised and disgusted by what I saw.

The speech by Gov. Plain was a stem winder,it reminded me of the speeches we heard from the late great President Reagan. She took no prisoners, said what she thought of Obama and his minions with style and substance. Then the Left waded into the mud!! I was watching the MSNBC feed to our local cable system, and the claws were bared by all who commented on the speech. Every last one admitted she spoke well, but they all uniformly took the position that she ignored the issues of the economy and health care.They slyly avoided talking about National defense and the threat of terrorism!

This was the designated topic to attack both Palin and the Republicans. The “announcers” made a big deal out of the fact that both Obama and Biden had talked about the poor economy and promised Universal Heal Care, but I have yet to hear a solution from either man. The problem is, the two do not necessarily go together. I am no economist, but simple arithmetic tells me that if you spend billions giving people “Quality” free medical care without raising taxes drastically, you will put an even greater strain on the economy. The economy is not doing so bad after all. Most of the “EU” would love to have economic growth of 3.3%( that is from April l08 to June 08), as we do! Yes, their are lost jobs, but employment is still lower than it’s high in 2002 when we had 457,000 out of work. The present number does need to be reduced by the next Administration, but you cannot help people to get to work if you raise taxes on the employers. The result in increased taxation is layoffs!! Even President Kennedy knew that, so he slashed taxes and improved government income by increasing productivity!

WE must all remember that the tax and spend Democrats want us to elect an empty suit who has no executive experience, but advocates increased taxation on those who make money so he can give it to those who don’t! Lenin promised the peasants he would give them all that the landowner had, but all they got was hunger, death and loss of their religion. Obama is no Lenin, but he is on the road to dialectic collectivism I am sure!! [1]

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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