by user Plubius

Securing American interests abroad has, in history, produced many adverse effects to the socio-economic and political conditions of the countries of its has meddled with. But what has securing American access to oil led the US into?

US dependence on foreign oil have and will only continue in the decades to come - but the supplies are slowly running out. Of course, the number one country in which the US imports oil from is Canada: but, apart from this ally, all the other countries that do so hold on to the noose that is around the US dependence on oil. The US, which has a tad bit more than four percent of the world's population consumes more than twenty five percent of all the oil used.

But, this thirst... this dependence... what has it driven the US into? The US's thirst for oil have led it to the US's cooperation with and legitimization of autocratic governments in the Middle East and Africa. It has led the US to suck up to Russia's many human rights violations and shady dealings. It has even led the US into war, in Iraq. And more recently, it has sent its Assisstant Secretary of State to Turkmenistan to witness the announcement of the results of the Turkmen elections: which many NGOs call "not free and fair".

Unless we as global citizens of the world, come together and figure out a way to reduce our dependence on unrenewable resources such as oil. Because, if we do not, not only will our enviroment slowly deplete away, but so will our morals and ethics that we so highly value.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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