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Some Countries Live In Alices Wonderland

[1] [2] [3] The Internet is filled with articles of disbelief today that only people who should live in the fairy tale world of Alice in Wonderland would believe.

The European Union has made a proclamation to all member Countries that the word Muslim should not be used when describing terrorist acts.

Acting like Charlie McCarthy sitting on Edger Bergen's lap. The new Prime Minister of great Britain has instructed his Home Secretary Jacqui Smith to not use the word Muslim when describing the Terrorist attacks of 7/7 and the failed bombing attempts of recent days by a group of Muslim Doctors.

Who do they want the public to think were the perpetrators? The Quakers, Anglicans or maybe the IRA? Political correctness and the concept of "can't we all just get along" have seemed to have replaced the vigilant and aggressive reactions to a dangerous threat that once was demonstrated by Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher.

Even in the United States the Liberal "Mainstream" press has used the words insurgents in place of what these monsters who destroy innocent lives should be called. Terrorist!

And the mindless Court system has ruled that the terrorists being held in Military prisons should be tried in civilian courts as are criminals who are United States Citizens. People who are not even operating as soldiers wearing the uniform of a country and thus protected by Geneva Convention are now given the same rights as those Citizens they want to destroy. A world gone Mad!

Bloggers should unite behind a movement to alert the apparent apathetic American public that it is past the time when we can consider business as usual, and become aware that we are in a fight with forces whose twisted religious fervor wants to destroy us.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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