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Cross linked here: In the perfect bookend to Ted Haggart former NBA player John Amaechi has come out. Haggart - yet another conservative hypocrite –went away for 6 weeks after being caught with a male hooker and is now “heterosexual”. (Whole truth: Haggart wants to ensure he keeps his place at Born Again Gravy Train)

On the other hand: Amaechi came out and came out swinging. Tim Hardaway said he "hates gay people". Thanks Tim. Gay teenagers throughout the world, struggling to find their way and overcome self-hatred, and violence sure appreciate your fine, dignified remarks. Perhaps you can get a show on Fox News. If you do not get how damaging Hardaway's remarks are then imagine an NBA star saying the exact same thing but change I hate gay people to I hate black people, I hate women, I hate Mexicans, I hate Jews.

Hardaway is being rightfully shunned. However, that fact that he had no issue spewing his bile live on the Howard Stern show - stone, cold, sober - no less - should make us all examine our attitudes. Amaechi, who creates community centers in poor neighborhood throughout England, said many things in response but this quote cuts the issue down to the marrow: "When people start talking about gay players being bold and stepping up, let's talk about straight players being bold and stepping up."

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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