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Islam, History & Defunding the UN

The reason we face the problem of radical Islam today is that, in its entire history, Islam has seen no Renaissance, no Reformation, no Period of Enlightenment. These titanic events in Western history led to the development of secular values that came out of, but were separate from, the Judeo-Christian religion that birthed them. And they led to the critical development away from religion driving nation states and into religion being subsumed into the private lives of members of each nation state. Each of these events was founded upon critical thought - questioning and challenging religious ideals and dogma, seperating the wheat -- the belief in God and universal concepts of moral behavior -- from the chaff of religion – dogma that restricted development in all aspects of society – political, artistic, scientific, philosophical. Thus, today do our universities turn out the finest scientists, the finest writers, the finest mathematicians and astronomers, while the universities in Saudi Arabia primarily turn out Wahhabi clerics, the morals police in Saudi Arabia hunt down sorcerers, and the courts apply Wahhabi Sharia law to order the flogging of victims of gang rape.

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From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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