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I have commented many times on other's blogs about how the members from the muslim world need to stand up and police themselves. I read such an article in the Sunday paper about how Ali Hatam Ali al Suleiman in the Anbar province is doing just that.

It is a great article and can be found here.

The Anbar province  is part of the Sunni Triangle of Death and home to such fun resort places like Fallujah. It has been an insurgent stronghold and Coalition confidence in securing this area has been dim to say the least. So the area and its inhabitants have been left largely to defend themselves from foreign fighters. According to the article they see the American involvement as a failed attempt to make their homes and businesses safe.

What's an Iraqi to do??

The people have turned to tribal leader, Ali Hatam Ali al Suleiman, to guide them during this dark time in their nations history. The Sheik responds that once committed his people were able to largely rid the privincial captial of Ramadi of insurgents in 3 months what occupation forces could not do in 4 years.

4 years.

This is what I have been talking about, we may have broke Iraq, but we can't fix it if they don't want it fixed. It looks like they do want it fixed, but they want to do it themselves, I say let them.

The Sheik states that he wants to avoid open conflict with US forces and this is wise on his part. He does hold America responsible to damaged infrastructure and expects this to be rectified.

Unfortunately, it is my belief that the Sheik's days may be numbered, if not by insurgents, then by other occupation forces who fear his growing power and influence in what was once a lawless region.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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