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There’s a new newspaper in the capital called The Politico. It is available for free all over town, they’ve unleashed a massive ad campaign, and its reporters have been welcomed with open arms on various news shows. I decided to pick up a copy to see what the hoopla was about and must say was not impressed. Though nicely designed, it was not as well-written and informative as The Hill. Especially inappropriate for what aims to be a serious publication was a front page article by Helena Andrews titled "Get Ready for 'Barchelle'" :

> Beware, Brangelina. Barchelle has your number. > > The Obamas (Barack + Michelle) steamed up newsstands recently as Ebony 's "hottest couple" in 2007 -- gracing the cover of the magazine's February issue. And if recent sales are any indication, Barack can do more than draft legislation and make campaign stump speeches. He (and his wife) can sell the heck out of a magazine.

What are they smoking in their editorial office? At this rate, we can expect stories about Barack Obama’s alien lover in the future not too distant. It is denigrating in general to merge people’s names like that, not to mention that Michelle Obama is not exactly micromanaging her husband’s campaign.( Ebony ’s cover line btw was:" America’s Next First Couple? Sen. Barack & Michelle Obama on Their Love and Plans for the Future.”)

After going on and on about the Ebony cover, Andrews goes on and on about The Cosby Show :

> They also revive the image of a devoted and affectionate black couple— something not often celebrated by the media. > > “Particularly in the mainstream media there aren't enough images of loving black couples beyond The Cosby Show,” said Monroe, referring to the iconic 1980s television show that featured Bill Cosby and Phylicia Rashad as Cliff and Claire Huxtable. (The show won won six Emmy awards in eight seasons.) > > When it comes to comparing the Huxtables and Obamas, the similarities go beyond the obvious—successful, black and well-off. Barack and Michelle, much like Cliff and Claire, have been charged, by some, with being too good to be true.

In the end, Andrews wisely reminds me us that unlike the Huxtables, the Obamas are real, non-fictional human beings. Wow.

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From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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