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We can all reasonably agree or disagree on social issues.  But my question here is specifically on Iraq.  I am curious to know how many who voted Democrat actually understood that the Democrats, after being elected, would mount a full scale push - largely driven by the far left organizations of the party - to leave Iraq?  It certainly was not articulated prior to the November '06 election. 

Did the person you voted for tell you what they were going to actually do on the issue of Iraq? I know for a lot of the newly elected Democrats, there was no substantive discussion of Iraq during the '06 campaign beyond the buzz words of "failed policy" and "a new direction." Did you know that the ultimate definition of those terms would not be made on principle by the person for whom you voted? Did you know that those terms would largely be defined by the George Soros funded political machine, MoveOn.Org?

MoveOn.Org is many things. It is incredibly well organized. Thanks to George Soros, it is very well funded. It is a master at use of the internet. It espouses far left politics and makes attacks on politicians that do not share its views. There is precious little thought given to either the views espoused or the attacks made - all are in sound bite form. is not a think tank of any sort. For all of its sophistication, its messages are mindless. If you do not believe me, go to the site. You will find a short paragraph on any particular issue. And even that paragraph contains precious few facts, but often voices a vociferous and emotional opinion, telling its readers how they should think.

It cannot be argued that MoveOn.Org places a much higher value on the effectiveness of its attacks then its does on intellectual honesty and integrity. The problem with this, of course, is that the positions espouses, if acted upon, bring real world consequences. Their approach wholly short circuits any reasoned discussion of those consequences. Sound bites and wholly partisan attacks are substituted for debate.

And these days, has carte blanche access to the corridors of Democrats in Congress:

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From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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