by user Cboy

Yes sir, some times the sun shines the brightest just when the future seems the bleakest. That must be how many of our Veterans have felt when it comes to America's commitment to them being equal to the commitment (along with limbs and lives) that they made when they raised their hands and said, 'Send me into harms way, I will protect you, I will be there for you and yours.'

They, and their loved ones, must have been joyed beyond belief that (even as I type) one member of Congress after another is getting in front of cameras and investigating panels (looking into the Government's shortfalls in caring for them) telling them that the current situation is deplorable and must be fixed. They insist that "these brave men and women deserve the nothing less than the very best care possible", both in the short and long term. That my friends, can only mean one thing, they want America's Veterans to receive treatment and considerations NO LESS than what they (America's Congress men and women) get! While we all can appreciate the danger of working 3 day weeks a few months a year--but that in no way compares to real battlefield conflict--and the sort of sacrifices our soldiers and their families have volunteered to make.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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