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The prolonged U.S. military presence in Iraq seems to be fruitless. Our soldiers die and get wounded. Opponents claim that the Iraqi insurgency is fueled by America’s presence there. Supporters warn that if the Americans leave, a civil war would erupt. The best solution would be to leave Iraq without leaving it. Can it be done? Yes.

We need to leave Iraq as quickly as logistics allow. Likely, in the matter of two months not two years as some war opponents suggest. Before leaving, we need to establish a few self-contained military bases there that would allow us to come back and deploy our Army with a full force within a matter of a few weeks, if needed. We should tell the Iraqis that we expect them to govern themselves in their best interest, with respect to international laws. We should offer them economic help. We might expect some increase of sectarian violence just after we leave. However, we should state that if things would go out of control there – we may define some benchmarks – we would be back on short notice.

There is both hope and rational arguments that when left alone, Iraqis will find a peaceful way of working together. If things would turn worse and we would need to go back, most Iraqis would see us as liberators then.

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From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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