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He filed his papers with the FEC. He announced he is going to run. He even paid $25,000 to be on the South Carolina ballot, but how far can John Cox, a Republican presidential hopeful, go?

In the first quarter of 2007, his campaign raised a futile $296,000. What's even more eye-popping is that $290,000 of the $296,000 came from John Cox personally.

He has been raising money for this race since February of 2006. His total receipts total $760,000 where $745,000 is his own money. 98% of his money raised was already his.

With the political environment that exists where money wins elections, the terrible fundraising of his campaign will lead to the end of his campaign. The top tier candidates of Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, and Mitt Romney have blown his fundraising totals out of the water. With the rate the Cox campaign is raising money ($15,000 in donations), he will have collected $28,000 in total donations, by the time the February caucuses and primaries begin.

Perhaps, the media does focus too much on the fundraising of a candidate. Cox has accused the media of that and not focusing enough on the issues and the platforms of candidates.

Here is one of his issues:

John Cox has stated, "I have been saying all along that we need to enforce out current immigration laws and prosecute businesses that hire illegal immigrants. The federal government needs to aggressively pursue, and hold accountable, employers who fail to verify an employee's identification and citizenship status."

There is a reason these people are called illegal immigrants. It's because they arrived here illegally. Why should these people get rewarded with jobs and benefits of living in the United States if they didn't come here the right way? Should people who rob banks benefit and be allowed to purchase things without any consequences? Illegal is illegal. These people should be given an opportunity to enter the country legally, but not until those who have been trying to get in the right way, get in first.

Those employers who knowingly hired illegal immigrants should also be at fault and be held accountable. Employers hire these people because they can hand out low wages to the immigrants and maximize their own profit margins, but this practice is taking jobs away from Americans who are unemployed and searching for work.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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