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The United States has beefed up it's naval presence in the Persian Gulf this week and is presently conducting war games.

How soon before we strike Iran? You know George Bush is just dying to do it. How else is he going to get his approval ratings out of the 20s. Of course, it will be all Iran's fault when it happens. Either it will be: they won't release the British sailors or an Iranian ship gets too close to an American ship and that will be seen as an aggressive act by Iran. You pick the scenario, any one will do as far as Bush is concerned.

International news sources are already predicting that the US will attack Iran on Easter weekend. I hope and pray that it doesn't happen. However, if Bush attacks Iran, we Americans have to stand and up and tell this irresponsible war-mongering jerk of a president, enough is enough. Please let's not fall for this same old crap again. Bush has destroyed the United States' reputation around the world. Let's just impeach him now.

Sorry for the sermon. I am just so sick of this bull.

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From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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