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This is for the guys. Remember in elementary school (even up to college I guess), the worst thing imaginable was being beat by a girl? Whether sports, arm wrestling, anything . . . getting beat by a girl in Kindegarten meant justifying the new shoes you were wearing in that 50 yard dash even at your High School graduation.

So now that it looks like Hillary is going to steamroll over Obama and Edwards, will any of the Republicans have the balls to run against Hillary and lose to the first female candidate?

Will that top Al Gore's humiliating defeat? Will it top Adlai Stevenson losing twice to Ike, or how about William Jennings Bryan?

Let's look at the past few losers, not losing ex-presidents like Carter and Bush, but all out losers.

We'll start with Mondale : After losing to him, he's been invisible. He also lost his 2002 attempt to become the junior Senator in Minnesota.

Dukakis : After losing to Bush, he didn't even run for re-election as Governor as everyone turned on him.

Bob Dole resigned his Senate seat to run and lose to Clinton, and turned to Diet Pepsi and Viagra commercials.

Al Gore : has won an Oscar, but has yet to attempt a come back into politics.

John Kerry : After talk of running again, he's not.

So, losing is a near-career killer in the first place. But what if you lose to a woman? What will that do to your reputation?

I'm guessing, once Hillary is the presumed nominee, especially before New Hampshire and Florida, I bet Giuliani's cancer will come back, McCain's, too. Romney's wife will relapse and he'll feel compelled to leave the race to spend time with his family. Fred Thompson might be the Republican goat to try, but even then, I bet he decides that he joined too late, couldn't get the money, and drops out.

So that will leave the "second click" candidates like Mike Huckabee or god-forbid, Jim Gilmore. Maybe Tancredo or Hunter will enjoy a fight with Hillary, I'm not sure, but I bet they all find their excuses to drop out of the race.

The question I'd like to ask in the next debate is this: Whose the most willing candidate to go down in history as the first to lose to a girl?


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From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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