by Journeyman

The Democratic National Committee has announced that the delegates from Florida and MIchigan will be admitted to the presidential convention, but as a penalty for those states' decisions to move their primary dates forward, each delegate will have one-half of a vote.

Does this strike anyone as another bit of artificial rule-bending and "lawyering"? An election is the very thing which defines a democracy... an act of total, near-sacred seriousness...the selection of leadership by popular vote, at least ideally.

Has it not occurred to the policy and procedure mavens governing both parties that simplicity is better because it removes all doubt about the outcome?

I find this half-vote measure to be ironically very similar to the Republican legal maneuvers... hanging chads, an election decided by lawyers instead of the people... that cast such a shadow over the 2000 election.

Here we go again: the nation founded to be "the city on a hill", the example, an experiment in radical trust of the wisdom of the regular citizen... about to hold elections thoroughly compromised by phony and artificial rules.

This is something you'd expect in Venezuela or the former Soviet Union but not here. What are we doing? Are we going to hold these party machines accountable for transparent elections? Is there a way to compel them to keep their fat and grubby fingers off the scale when the votes are tallied up?

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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