by Jaxhawk

Sorry, Barrack but you cannot compare quoting what you said, to "swiftboating", and lies!

The Associated Press is reporting that, "Obama began a discussion of education at a Norfolk high school on Wednesday by assailing McCain's campaign. Obama responded to the Republicans' charge that he was referring to Palin when he used the phrase "lipstick on a pig" at a campaign stop Tuesday. "I don't care what they say about me. But I love this country too much to let them take over another election with lies and phony outrage and Swift-boat politics. Enough is enough," he said".

Only guilty and desperate people protest when the record shows that the words quoted have been uttered by the protester!

Barack Obama used the phrase "lipstick on a pig" to describe his opponents' mantra of change.His actual words were:" “...You can put lipstick on a pig. It's still a pig". The Republican campaign called Obama's analogy a “disgusting��  and sexist comment clearly aimed at vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin. These are the facts! At the Republican convention Gov. Palin uttered this;" that the only difference between a hockey mom like herself and a pitbull was “lipstick.��

Former Governor Jane Swift of Massachusetts had this to say about Obama's comments.“I can only deem to be disgusting comments, comparing our vice presidential nominee, Governor Palin, to a pig,��  she said in a conference call with reporters. Swift, chair of the newly-formed Palin Truth Squad, demanded Obama apologize for the comment which she likened to childish name-calling. source:The New Media Journal

For those of you who cannot make the connection between Gov. Palin and Obmaa's "lip stick" comment. Think for a moment how many of the four nominees for the high offices of President and Vice-President, wear lipstick!

If the Democrats tried they could not alienate the average American more than what they are trying to do in tearing down VP nominee Pali. Keep it up, and you will be able to watch her move into Blair House next January!!

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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