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[1] [2] [3] Now that the Hawks who developed the Bush plan to defeat "The Axis of Evil" in the Middle East have left. It appears that the Doves have co-opted both the President and his Secretary of State, It would seem that any hope of the U.S. taking out the nuclear enrichment plants in Iran has been discarded. Without Wolfowitz, Joseph, Bolton, Libby and Crouch to push for a definitive military air strike to remove Iran's nuclear capability. The State Department career Doves have apparently convinced the President that the UN and more sanctions will stop Iran's quest for nuclear bombs. Deputy Spokesman Tom Casey said the following yesterday to members of the press at State. "We want to see Iran take a very simple, good faith step, which is to suspend uranium enrichment. Not eliminate the program completely,not make further changes to it, but to show that they are willing to negotiate in good faith. Simply halt what they are doing---another round of sanctions is now needed." This is a far cry from the bold statements coming from the Oval Office when it was first revealed that Iran was centrifuging uranium. As I recall the statement went something like: "there is no room for negotiation.they stop or we will take action." That the Doves have taken over is frightening in light of the following statement: Mr. Robert Joseph former Undersecretary of State for arms control and International security recently said: "that Iran was well on the way to getting nuclear weapons, which would be a disaster for the world. "It's not years, it's months. Once they can operate centrifuge cascades over sustained periods of time, there will be no stopping them. They have the technical skills to pull this off." In an October 2000 article for the Journal of Homeland Defense, Joseph argued: "There will always be those who deny the threat or who promote the vain hope for a quick and easy political 'fix.'" However, he continued, "We face a much more diverse and less predictable set of countries than we did in the Cold War. These states are governed by leaders who are much more prone to taking risks than were Soviet leaders. That doesn't make them irrational—only gamblers, like Hitler and the Japanese militarists in the 1930s. Long-range missiles become particularly valuable as instruments of coercion to hold American and allied cities hostage, and thereby deter us from intervention. The tremendous disparity in our favor in both conventional capabilities and nuclear weapon stockpiles simply doesn't matter in this type of calculation. Our adversaries need only hold a handful of our cities at risk."

Condoleezza Rice, it appears,has allowed herself to be "swayed' by career diplomats who want cautious, traditional policy.Talk, Talk, Talk and then talk some more! She seems to no longer be a supporter of anything but Diplomatic talk with Iran.

"Policy is flowing from the State Department through the Secretary of State to the White House, whereas in the first term [until 2004], policy was flowing from the White House to the Secretary of State down to the bureaucracy," said Mr Bolton. "I think the difference in flow accounts for the difference in substantive policy."

Only the left wings favorite man to hate, Vice-President Cheny, is left of the original "hawks" who advise the President. He has been strangely quiet lately. Time to Wake up America!


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From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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