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you simply can't tell me this wasn't intentional...

On the same day that the House of Representatives expressed its disapproval of President Bush's US troop increase in Iraq, the Pentagon announced it is accelerating the deployment of a division headquarters there by about three months, which would add another 1,000 troops to the "surge."

The 3rd Infantry Division headquarters based in Fort Stewart, Ga., will deploy next month instead of June, a Pentagon statement said.

with the exception of the occasional general or employee within an executive branch department or agency who chooses not to follow the mandated talking points, you can safely assume that any move anywhere in the executive branch is scripted, timed, and carefully choreographed... the white house knew the resolution would pass, and in fact, publicly granted "amnesty" to those r's who chose to vote in its favor, a meaningless gesture for an administration that's made it perfectly clear it will do as it damn well pleases regardless... the accelerated deployment announcement, coinciding with the house resolution vote, is hardly a coincidence... it's a coldly calculated move, clearly designed to show that the bush administration will accept no constraints on its power... it is also a chilling demonstration that the separate but equal division of powers as spelled out in the constitution, is, de facto, no longer relevant...

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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