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I admire a man when he sticks by his principals, and not bend in the wind just to placate a certain ideology, or politically prostitute yourself in order to gain favor, but George Bush simply doesn't stand on principal, he stands over the bodies of 3342 American soldiers, and spits in the face of the American people who want this insane war to end, and yesterday.

Bush calls press conference after press conference, and tells us that same old, tired rhetoric he has been saying for the past four and a half years. He has one BIG problem, no one believes him anymore except the loonies who will follow this man over a cliff if he told them too.

The latest in a long line of uttely stupid, and useless garbage Bush is spewing is that we will have to fight them over here if we don't stop them over there. What a bunch of crap!!!! We've been fighting them over here since 1993, a fact he's seem to have forgotten. Iraq is in full blown civil war, and the fact that George Bush is totally responsible for that civil war. Wasted soldiers lives, wasted Iraqi lives, car bombings, suicide bombings, kidnappings. No place is safe, except maybe the Kurdish region, and the Turks maybe taking care of that very soon.

The idiocy that is out current president knows no bounds. The American people by overwhelming margins want this war over with. Bush's approval rating is a very dismal 28%. That's Nixon and Truman territory, but who in the hell does he listen to?? 5 draft deferments Cheney, and Karl, "my ass should be in a sling", Rove. As long as idiot boy continues listening to these two crown princes of stupidity, nothing will change.

As you can tell, I am one angry person when it comes to this war. I was never in favor of it, and history has proven me, and millions of others who were against the war, right. Congressional Democrats must force Bush's hand, by either setting their own benchmarks that the Maliki government must follow, or cutting off funding altogether. Too many people have died for the lies of this incompetent administration. It must end, either by the Democrats or by the American people. I'm willing to start right now, anybody else join me??

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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