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When 11 Republicans went to the White House the other day to express their concerns about the unfolding Iraqi war, the nuts that run the White House, got so upset at these people, they were almost branded traitors by the Rove wing of the Nazi party. How dare these people go against the man who is trying to kill as many soldiers and Iraqi's as possible. How dare they go against King George, and his little war!!! My question is how come it took them so long to do so.

Looks folks, the war is lost. 66% of the American people believe that, but the "decider" has decided that the war must go on in a losing effort to extract some sort of legacy for this coward who never bothered to serve in the first place, and no, I don't count hanging paper clips in Alabama as serving. Further more, the idiot VP, who got 5 draft deferments, is still going around town trying to come up with imaginary links between Saddam and Al-Qaeda. In fact, his emptyness went to Baghdad the other day, under the cloak of secrecy to tell the Maliki government to not make George look worse then he already is back in the states.

These two have no clue about what they have done, NONE!!! The American people are sick of this insanity, and want the troops home, and now!!! Poll after poll has indicated this, but George and his infinite stupidity, will keep the killing fields going. WHY?? so he can screw over the military, their families who will not have straight answers to why this is happening to them, (Remember Pat Tillman), and most of all, so he can proudly beat his chest, and say I didn't blink in the face of those evil, nasty terrurists that weren't there when we invaded in 2003.

Iraq is in shambles, and in a civil war that will not end anytime soon. Bush has blood on his hands, and deservedly so. He has no credibility on Iraq, and as far as I'm concerned, never had any to begin with. He lied about WMD, lied about the purpose of being there, and keeps lying to us, and right now, the only people who are listening to him are the people with IQ's of houseplants.

Again, I ask these 11 Republicans, what took you so long??

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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