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If you have been following any of the details of John Edwards bloggers, then you know one of his staff that writes has some, er, issues that have been picked up by certain conservative bloggers like Michelle Malkin about certain views the staff member has. Those profanity-laced diatribes has landed her, and the Edwards campaign to a degree, into a bit of hot water.

Listen, every time we sit at a keyboard and write what we think and hit that publish button, our opinion becomes fair game. We have the great luxury in this day in age to write and go off on whatever we want, get readers, and make a bit of money perhaps on the side because of the internet. We can publish ourselves for very little cost. And that makes what we do as much of the public record as those who publish on paper. We are accountable for our own actions.

Did it not occur to anyone in the Edwards campaign to ask their staff, "Um, listen, is there anything that you may have published in the past that might cause the campaign some discomfort at some point?"

They were hiring her to blog, don't you think that she wouldn't get scrutinized by others? Whether it is fair or not, of course she would be. Should she be shielded? Of course not.

We have the responsibility of being writers. While we may not be actually writing on paper, we have the same ethics rules that a mainstream writer has. We must be as accurate as we can be and write in as correctly, grammar wise, as possible. Because some may write on extreme issues or their own thoughts, that does not make them any less vulnerable to scrutiny.

When we hit that publish button, then what we think becomes no longer a private affair. While some of us would try to avoid having anything in the public domain that would make our mother squirm at Thanksgiving dinner, not every one has the same beliefs.

So we shouldn't be surprised when something cringe-worthy comes back to haunt us. (No, I had no idea that the University of Georgia's colors were really red and BLACK. I apparently offended their fanbase by suggesting it was red and WHITE.) If we seek affirmation by publishing what we write, then we should be able to take admonition for what we write as well.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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